About me

Kazumi Onoue

Born in Osaka Japan

works in Southern California



Irvine Valley College, AA

California State University Long Beach BA


2019    Long Beach Museum Biannual art Auction (juried show) May

2018    The Sourced.  November 1stThe Sourced

2018    Fullerton Art walk  September

2017    Long Beach Museum Biannual art Auction (juried show) May

2015    February Santa Ana

2014    June “City of Newport Beach Art Exhibition”

             February “Huntington Beach Art museum”

2012     “Back to Earth”Gallery Mujo (Downtown Los Angels) June

2012     LA Art Walk May (Gallery Mujo)

2012    “Home and Garden” show (Anaheim Convention Center) May

2012    “Mystic View” Pi gallery (Los Angels)  March 10-17

2011    Santa Ana art walk Oct.

2011    Art Cube Gallery (All Blue Show) Laguna Beach

2009    Daiana Ferrone Gallery  August

2009    Design Tour, Urban Living at Astoria April 21-May 17

2008    Orange Coast Art House    September13-20

            by Orange Coast Magazine

2008    Kyoto Yakuno Museum (on going)

2008   "The Rebirth of Style"  

            Diana Ferron Gallery                   Laguna Beach, CA

2007    Complexion Annual Auction Nov.    NY, NY

2007     The Artist's Eye: 11th All Media Juried Exhibition   


Juror: David Solomon, A member of the National Watercolor                     Society, a signature member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.    

2007     Irvine Studio Art Fair      June 2,              Irvine, CA

            Irvine Fine Art Center

            Invitational Exhibition

2006     Irvine 35 Anniversary Exhibition              Irvine, CA

            Irvine Fine Art Center

            Invitational Exhibition

2005     Triennal?@Exhibition                              Osaka, Japan

            Gallery Blansh

            (Invitational International Solo Exhibition) 

            Juror, Hogafuchi Shizuhiko

            (Kawanishi city artists association: president/Association of Contemporary Art Bord Member)         


2004    Hoga Art Museum in Kyoto Japan              Kyoto, Japan

           Invitational Exhibition

           Juror, Hogafuchi Shizuhiko (International)    


2004     Spring Art Exhibit           Bistango,

            Group show by Studio Gallery                                


2004     OCC Student Gallery Summer Project        Costa Mesa, CA

            guest artist                                               

           Tom Dowling    (Director of Gallery Design at OCC)     

2003      Multimedia Multi-culture Show                 Irvine, CA

             Irvine Valley College                                 

             Curator Mark Lysen (Irvine Valley College Gallery Director)



Art Business News    June 2009

Orange Coast Magazine October 2008

Gallery Notes Laguna Beach edition   September - October 2008